Your virtual portal to everywhere you want to be, any time.

What is VeameeApp?

It's the world's first social video platform centered around you, the viewer.

See the world.

Find a place you'd like to see.

Search anywhere in the world and request Veamees there (people with the app on their mobile device) to turn on their camera and show you what you want to see.

Get notified of interesting things in your area.

Get notified of things you're interested in.

We'll tell you about fun stuff going on around you. You can also set a watch zone—anyone walking in to that vicinity in the future will be notified to send you a Veam.

Get VeamBucks with every Veam.

Earn VeamBucks.

Every Veam you create and rate earns you points. The more VeamBucks you earn, the more Veams you can request. In the future, you can then use those points for cool stuff like discounts at participating vendors.

Where do you want to Veam today?

VeameeApp is available for free on iOS and Android devices.

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